Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here it is September 16th and it seems to me that the month has been flying by. With my sister being so sick in a nursing home and now my BIL in the hospital (coming home today), and a million-and-one- other things happening in my family and church life, there has been little time for quilting and other crafts.

Even without quilting things to show, I still want to post to my blog. Here are a few Fall related pictures. The first one is of my calendar snowman for September, holding his pencil, slate, and apple. What would Fall be without apples? I like mine cut up and added to my salads, or dipped in peanut butter, or baked with brown sugar.
This beautiful counted cross-stitch picture "Take Time to Quilt" was made for me by my friend Brenda. It is made in Fall colors and hangs where I can see it all the time.

When I start to complain that I "have no time" I remember that we all have the same time. It is a matter of taking the time to quilt, even when the schedule is busy. Hard to do though, isn't it? It seems I only take the time when my day is clear and I can focus.


Jeanne said...

Just dropping by to say Hi. Hope your sister is improving.
Hugs ~ Jeabbe

Shasta said...

These are beautiful things. I wish you and the entire family well.