Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No quilting, no knitting, no stitching......

Dear Blogging Friends -

Life seems to have gotten in the way of my quilting, knitting and stitching. I have no progress to report. See my sad face. My sister has been moved from hospital to nursing home to hospital to rehab center and I have spent a good deal of time visiting her. My niece from Wisconsin came to visit her mother in the hospital and she stayed with me. Next weekend my nephew flies in from Texas for a visit and will be staying with me. With that and church activities and book club reading and still trying to get my office cleaned up, my time seems to disappear.

Yesterday I wanted to get a healthy walk into my day. I decided to walk to the library to pick up a reserved item. It was cool and I really enjoyed my morning walk there. However, when I started to leave I noticed that it had begun to rain. Oh well, I could just wait it out in the library and do a little reading. After hours of reading and looking through magazines, it had not stop raining and I was getting hungry. By 2:00pm I gave up and walked briskly home in the pouring rain. Just as I finished my late lunch, the phone rang and it was my BIL telling me my sister was getting moved from the hospital to the rehab facility. I decided I wanted to be there to wish her a smooth journey and to make sure she understood where she was going and why. She was to be moved at 6:00pm. I got there around 5:00pm. She was finally moved at 7:30pm. I was happy to be with her, but it was just another typical day in which I had no time for holding a needle in my hand.

Maybe next week I will finally find some time for my projects.

In the meantime I am very grateful for:
1. Nurses
2. Cute ambulance drivers
3. My new office space at church (volunteer job)
4. Homemade bread (thanks Betty)
5. Reading the blogs of other quilters (which is another reason I don't get things done!)


Sara said...

Bonnie, I hope it was the same young man that picked up Mom's roommate last weekend. He was definitely easy on the eyes!!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Best wishes to Luciabeth, Bonnie. Will keep her in my prayers. Glad you as safe from the rains too, we only got our normal water in the basement and lawn. Now that the sun is going to shine the rest of the week I hope you'll find plently of time for that needle.