Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quilting today

This morning I had time to do some more quilting on my Road to Indy quilt. One of these days it might actually get done.

I even took some time to play around with fabric and work on an idea for a miniature quilt with (maybe, just maybe) some embroidery and buttons added. It is so much fun to play with fabric and dream of what I might do one of these days.But before I knew it the time came to get busy with other things. I made a cucumber salad to take to the Fall Festival at our church tomorrow.And finally I needed to get out my good shoes, take a shower, and get dressed for a wedding I am attending this afternoon and evening.
There will be champagne and dancing tonight.............

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie.....I love the yellow flowered fabric !!! your rainy Maine...the rain in Spain isn't near as much as Maine !!!