Monday, August 4, 2008


Ever since I moved into my house 8 years ago, I have wanted a new door and new windows in the bedrooms. This is my old door. At one time I thought I might re-finish it. But it is a big old wooden door that changes size with the seasons and just looks tired.
Even the hardware looks old and terribly worn.
This is the inside of the door. It doesn't let in much light with that little window at the top.
My bedroom windows were filthy dirty when I moved in so I covered them with pretty wooden blinds. That isn't fog in the picture below - it is years and years of accumulated scummy dirt.
Now I have a brand new door! I'm so happy with it. It lets in more light and just looks so much more up-to-date.
I also got a new storm/screen door. Picture isn't very good because of the reflections.
This is the inside. See how much light comes into the room now?
The new windows are CLEAN and you can see out. Best of all, they are the kind of window that I can wash from the inside. I'm doing a happy dance!
My office windows. Oh how lovely to see out.
I'm hoping these improvements will add to the value of the house. I know they add value to my every day living!

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Gail said...

It makes such a wonderful difference, doesn't it? We have done the same on our first floor. Now we will do the upstairs next year.