Thursday, August 21, 2008

Goal follow-up

On Monday I made the big decision to set a five year goal to finish all my UFO's, clean out my files, and declutter my house. That gives me 1,825 days to reach my goal. Today is day four and I am happy to report that for the last four days I have knit five rows each day on a shawl I started ages ago. I continued to do a little quilting on my Road to Indy quilt.
The Christmas quilt that Lindsay and I are making along with the youth at church got pin basted and some quilting done last night by the youth.
Today I finished up the top motif on a La-D-Da stitching project.
There is still time today to do some more quilting or stitching. I'm not setting any world records, but I'm hoping that by doing a little each day I will happily reach my goal. 1,821 days to go.
Oh, I forgot. I also set-up the card table in the office so that I can more easily clean out files. No files have gotten cleaned out and unfortunately the card table has become another place to dump stuff. Hmmmm. Not good.


Anonymous said...

Bonnie: I am so glad that Liz spoke about our blog and I go to check it out. Your descriptions are so thoughtful and kind, but not a surprise coming from you. YOur attention to detail when preparing things for a photo is wonderful....great color sense & composition.
Your 5 year goal is both admirable and achievable. Just think, if you didn't have this goal the same 5 years would go by and you'd still have files to sort through and a lot less accomplished!!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Bravo Bonnie for all you are accomplishing!