Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth of July. Today I made some more of the Lazy Girl Purse Pouches.
As I worked merrily along, not paying attention to the instructions because I have made so many of these, I was surprised when I went to trim this one and turn it right side out. Oops, I forgot to open the zipper before sewing the edges closed and I surged off the most important part of the zipper!
These are some patriotic looking quilts made for me by my sister. She is no longer able to quilt so these quilts are treasures to me.
It was a beautiful day here in the Chicago area and I am very grateful for blue skies, cool breezes, and living in the good old USA.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie. I love the 4th of July snowman...very cute. The "tip" of opening the zipper before sewing the edges closed is a good one to remember. AND you can never have enough red, white and blue quilts!!
Caryl W in San Diego

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Thank you for sharing Bonnie! I love seeing Luciabeth's treasured quilts.

Julie said...

Running short on time, scanning the other posts I've missed...sorry!
I love these bags. Were the hard? Where did you find the pattern?