Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finished Fob

Finished is good. Since I went shopping today and bought three more counted cross-stitch projects, I decided I better finished up one of my stitching works-in-progress. Here is my Rhodes Butterfly Fob designed by The Sweetheart Tree, Belfast linen, 32 count, Platinum.
The FrontThe back
For anyone familiar with the design, you will know that I eliminated all the little viney lines as I seem incapable of counting those itty-bitty stitches. The front also has a big mistake - the butterflies are supposed to have been stitched with the varigated thread as on the back instead of the plain pink. The instructions also call for a tassle to be made from the leftover floss, but the one I made looked too big for the fob and I decided I liked it without the tassle. Despite the mistakes and eliminations, I'm very pleased and proud of this piece.
Now I need to leave it laying about so that visitors to my home will be amazed at the fine stitching I have done. (I have no shame.)


MB said...

Beautiful! Well done! Since I saw it in progress, I know that it was indeed very small stitching - not sure how you do that and keep your sanity!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Beautiful Bonnie!! I love that you are "liberated" enough to make the pattern less complicated and to go with it like it is instead of putting it aside forever, you should be proud!

Julie said...

Oh, just shove it under their nose, or invite them to the table and having it sitting at their place at the table! :-) Bonnie its beautiful, congrats on the finish! How is the alphabet piece? Still working on that one? I hope I haven't missed that you have it completed!