Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Please allow me to introduce you to Gail. Gail is our teacher/coach/encourager and fixer-of-problems in our Bee group. We just got back from our annual retreat and I decided to feature our retreat attendees one by one. Gail is first. She is retired (from being a high school teacher) but continues to teach at the local quilt shop where she makes shop samples too. She also tends to her horses and dogs and her husband. This Big House quilt was in her binding stack. This is Gail, on the floor, laying out a pink and brown quilt.
And here is the quilt all put together.
Gail is very proficient and we finally decided that she must have a twin hidden away who makes half the blocks. No one can get that much done by themselves!
This is Gail on the first day, only a short time after we got started she had the basket quilt finished and up on the wall.

Close-up of the basket quilt.This is a little Christmas quilt she whipped up next.Here is dear Gus guarding another of Gail's quilts.
Here is the quilt finished. The star centers were exchange blocks.
One of Gail's many secrets to success include her daily nap. There she is going past the window on the way to her cottage for her afternoon nap.
Gail is always cheerful, helpful, and ready to share her techniques and ideas.

More coming tomorrow........


The Quiltwhinny said...

What a wonderful visit you must have had. Tell Gail that I love her big house quilt. Seems she and I have lots in common besides quilting: being a retired teacher, a black lab, and horses. Next time be sure to get some photos of her horses!

The Quiltwhinny

Julie said...

Gail is incredible! I've been in love with her quilts for a while now and am wondering how to be considered a daughter of hers so that I can get one for myself! :-) I love her house quilt. And a nap a day, that is good advice!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Bonnie, what a wonderful idea, featuring your retreat mates! Gail is an incredibly talented and sharing individual...if I have any questions regarding sewing I usually call Gail! Her opinion is also highly valued.