Monday, March 3, 2008


After getting just 20 rows done on my sweater front, I was beginning to dream about my next project. Oh dear - not a good thing. Proceeding to the computer, I looked up sock yarn and found some wonderful yarns at $23.00 a skein. Oh dear - not a good thing. How easy it would have been to press that Add to Cart button. But I didn't. I went back to my chair and thought about all my unfinished projects. Sitting over in the corner, neatly packed in a basket, is an afghan that I started knitting about 7 years ago. I only have about 10 rows to go in order to finish. Then there is the white scarf, the blue poncho, and the blue shawl, knitting projects all patiently waiting in bags and containers to be finished.
Focus, Bonnie, focus. Go back to that sweater front......knit a row, purl a row......keep going.

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