Monday, March 10, 2008

Cat Sitting

Last year I had this cat with me for a month while her human went to Florida - and she came again on Sunday for a return visit. She is wondering why she is at this house again and where is her human. Last night she cried all night long preventing me from getting a decent night's sleep. Her devious little mind is thinking up how to torture me again tonight. I think I will take Tylenol PM before going to bed tonight.
Don't worry, you cat lovers out there, I will not mis-treat her. Her crying will stop and soon she will be sleeping on my legs. We are just going through the adjustment period. She is adjusting to a new human and I am adjusting to having company that needs attention!

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Marcia said...


This is Marcia (Nancy's daugther...the one pawned the cat off on Grandma!). I hope Ty isn't too much of a hassle. She's not looking very friendly in these pictures. Keep putting up pictures (my mom sends me the link to see your updates on her).