Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's going on here.......

Yesterday I posted pictures of checkerboard houses and log cabin blocks.  The idea and instructions came from a June 2008 magazine article by designer Avis Shirer of Joined At The Hip.  I cut it out of the magazine so I'm not sure what magazine except that the name in the lower corner is "allpeoplequilt.com".


I saw this magazine cover and fell in low with the quilt - made with hundreds of Yo-Yos.  

The Yo-Yo's can be easily made using Clover's Yo-Yo maker.

I have an overflowing container of 5 inch scrappy squares that are perfect for Yo-Yo's.  

This is a great take-along project and a project to pick up at odd times when I have a few minutes.  I can make a Yo-Yo in less than five minutes - and that's at my slow leisurely pace!

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MB said...

Love, Love, LOVE your new header on your blog!! And you've been busy posting and I haven't checked in lately. Love the houses ... how neat to show them before and after. My entirely creative and artful cousin. HUGS!!!!