Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Store

Are you the type of person who works on one project until it's done?  Oh how I wish I could stay that focused.  Not only do I not finish projects that I start, I don't even stick to the same craft.  Right now I am working on four zillion quilts, several knitting pieces, some red work, some yo-yo's and I have picked up one of my many counted cross-stitch projects again.  Eventually I finish most of the projects, but because I go back and forth between projects and crafts, it seems like I seldom finish anything.  All this does not take into account the reading I do and the writing, and did I mention I like to sleep?

Here is the counted cross-stitch project I picked up the other day.  I'm really enjoying getting back to some stitching.  This little Book Store piece will fit nicely in my home.  Everyone who knows me knows that my favorite retail therapy is going to a book store!

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