Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charity quilts

Our Guild has many charity projects including making these simple large-strip comfort quilts for hospice patients.  One of the gals in my Bee group received some donated fabric so she washed it and cut it all into kits for making comfort quilts.  I made the above two and finished up the bindings tonight.

Life has been busy in my little world and my crafting/sewing has mostly been put on the back burner.  I noticed that I have not posted anything since March 9th.  What I haven't posted is my machine quilting practice pieces, my Artist's Trading Card creations, some house blocks I made for a quilt-in-progress, several rows of knitting, and the writing I did for a newly formed Writing Club.  (I have not been sitting around twiddling my thumbs.)

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MB said...

Like the quilts ... nice colors. Wonderful of you and the bee group to do these. It's a gift you all can so beautifully give!!!

As to few posts in March ... well, missy, pick up the pace in April!! Some of us check daily!!! :-)