Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Self-Motivation

Here I sit at my desk, not paying bills or taking care of emails, but taking the time to blog about how I lack self-motivation. Not every day, but on more days than I like to admit, I have so little motivation or energy or get-up-and-go that I get upset with myself and then get depressed.

This is one pile of unfinished projects. One out of many.

This is a quilt top that I started to pin baste but got discouraged because I don't think the back is taut enough and I probably will have to pull all the pins out and start over again. Big sigh.
Here is a quilt that I am finishing the hand sewing of the binding. This I enjoy doing, but save it for when there is a good television show. Not many good television shows, so that project is stalled.
This is one of several piles of magazines that I am slowly going through to pull out ideas or techniques. So many, many magazines.........
These are containers of knitting projects - on the needles and far from being completed. It would be so nice to get at least one of those big knitting projects finished.
I need a kick in the pants, or a slap upside the head, or company coming, or a deadline, or notice of inspection, or amazing inspiration. Or perhaps I just need a vanilla cone from McDonald's or a Java Chip from Starbucks.

Thanks for reading my tale of woe. I feel better now. I think I will go mop the kitchen floor.


Olumide Adeleye said...

Hey, go and work!

Your style of blogging is great.

MB said...

And if none of those projects existed, if you lost them all in a fire, then what? Are they weighing you down? What if they were gone?