Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When I pulled into my driveway this afternoon I was delighted to see an unexpected box waiting for me. What fun to find a box with smiley faces all over it and a return-address label from my cousin. Inside the box was this. Can you guess what it is?
Well, my Aunt Betty was a master knitter and after she died my cousin promised me some of her knitting needles. How wonderful to receive this set of Boyle needles from about 40 years ago, in perfect shape.

Even though I have five unfinished knitting projects, I just had to rush out to JoAnns to purchase more yarn so that I could start a project on these needles used by the best knitter I ever knew. I searched through all the knitting books looking for an easy project and finally decided that I would just knit another easy scarf. Why agonize over a difficult pattern when I could enjoy knitting a plain scarf. Of course I also had to purchase a tote bag to contain this new project.

Now I have six unfinished knitting projects, hundreds of counted cross-stitch projects, and thousands of quilting projects to finish. I will never be bored! ! ! !

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MB said...

What a delightful post about Mom's needles! I love you!!!!