Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stitching Police on their way..............

The Stitching Police are on their way to my house. I "finished" this LaDeDa piece and did not include the whole bottom part of the design. I really only cared about the words and wasn't that excited about doing the lady. In addition it seemed like I had been working on this piece much too long and I was ready to start something new. So I carried the border around the bottom and...... the border did not match up. I was two spaces off. Oops! I was not about to go back and figure out where I had goofed. It will be my own imperfect stitchery.
It took me a while to decide on my next stitching project, but you can be sure it is a small project. Here is the beginning. I'm not telling what I am doing because it will be a gift for someone who just might read this blog.

Last night I got this much done on my new knitting project - using my Aunt Betty's knitting needles. The nice bulky yarn, the thrill of using very special (to me) needles, and an interesting TV show kept me knitting for a good while.

Today I am grateful for -
1. Finishing one project and starting another.
2. Many projects and crafts to choose from.
3. Good books to read.
4. Never being bored.

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MB said...

I like it without the lady ... you're right, the words are the piece and are all that's needed.

Mom is glowing from heaven!