Monday, March 16, 2009

Fresh Air

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day today. This is the first day since my visiting cats have been here that I could open the door to the back screened-in porch and let them investigate. Elliot went right out the door and began sniffing and investigating. His tail was up which means he was very happy. His nose will ache tonight from all the sniffing. Whereas Rudi is a different story. He sat in the doorway and would not venture out onto the porch. He watched his brother and sniffed the air, but simply would not take that scary step into a new world.
Rudi is in the computer room right now, staring at me, and probably wondering what other horrible thing I will be doing today. So far I have vacuumed (he hides under my bed), played the recorder, (he can't stand the sound and goes downstairs) and now I opened the back door and he is afraid of the new sights and sounds.

To which cat do you relate - Elliot or Rudi ???????

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