Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yet another -

Yes, another quilt bound today.  This one presented a problem as the quilt came with the binding already machine sewn to the BACK of the quilt.  The quilt owner intended to then pull the binding to the front and machine sew it down.  The problem then was for me to do as she intended, or decide to hand stitch it to the front.  Also, everyone does things differently, and the corners were not as I would have sewn them.  I tried the machine sewing method, but it looked sloppy and so I did some unsewing.  Instead I opted to hand sew it to the front of the quilt and struggled with the corners.  It is OK, but I'm not as proud of the end result as I would like to be.

No more quilts to bind.  Guess I will have to create some of my own quilts!

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MB said...

Time to advertise to your quilting buddies about your binding service! Does NSQG know? Have you posted it on blogs that would need/want to know about it? Can you see my wheels turning???