Thursday, July 29, 2010

Purse Organizer Insert

At the last quilt shop I visited, I purchased a "Portapockets" pattern from Studio Kat Designs. I carry a rather large tote bag and am always digging in my bag for tissues or a pen or mints. I thought this organizer was a great idea for my tote bag.The pattern has LOTS of pieces and six pages of instructions. Since I have the attention span of a teenage gnat, I was soon out of patience for "lining A and Part #3 interfacing........."
After spending a good deal of yesterday wrestling with the instructions and the many, many pieces, I put the project aside. This morning I looked on the internet for purse organizers and found many, many choices, but my favorite was $24.95 plus shipping and handling. Now $24.95 may not seem like a great deal of money, but to a retired person on a fixed income a few of those $24.95 purchases add up quickly. Soon I find myself digging into the line of credit - no, no, no - not wise.

So I went back to my project and finished it without the help of the instructions. I just did my own thing. It is poorly constructed and the finishing is non-existent. However, it will reside in the depths of my purse and keep me a little more organized. That was the goal and the goal has been reached.

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MB said...

Why do they make things over-complicated?! Don't you just believe you could rewrite those instructions in plan English now? I love the end result you achieved ... hate stuff all falling to the bottom of the bag. Maybe you could rewrite the instructions and sell the simple version!!!!