Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sewing and gluing......

The mitten blocks are all sewn together and the sashing has been added. Next comes the borders and I have enough of the sashing fabric (I think) for borders and binding.

Using the instructions from Vonna ( I made my first flat-fold. There is a lot of gluing involved and Vonna suggests in her instructions that you have water available for cleaning your hands. I put wet paper towels in a plastic bucket and used those wet towels constantly. My results are not any where near as good as Vonna's, but I learned a lot doing this little project.
Next time I will purchased larger sized trim. My skinny trim does not cover the edges very well. I also opted to put the trim inside the bottom tab and perhaps I should have gone outside the tab.

Also finished up another binding for my friend Moe. This sweet print on the back of her quilt made the binding time fun.


Vonna said...

It looks very nice Bonnie :)

BrendaS said...

Love your Mitten Quilt.

You did a great job on your flatfold. I love the design and the fabric you chose is perfect.