Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Project

This flannel fabric has been patiently waiting for me to make the Country Threads mitten quilt. I saw the quilt years and years ago when my sister and I visited Country Threads in Iowa. Then several years later I spotted this fabric at the local quilt shop and purchased enough for the backing to my anticipated mitten quilt.Now, in the Spring of 2010, when the bin of flannels is embarrassingly full, I picked out a stack of colors that pleased me and began cutting.
Here are a few blocks that I made. The pattern is so old that the directions require using templates, so I figured out an easier rotary cutting method that I wanted to test out.

In the meantime, the visiting cat found a cozy spot - the recycle basket I keep on the porch. The temperature was warm yesterday and the sun was shining, and he looks very content in this airy, yet confined space.

Yesterday was warm and sunny. Today it is cooler and rainy. Perhaps I will make time today to cut and sew more mitten blocks. Seems silly to be doing this Winter quilt in the Spring, but I'm determined to use up stash and the flannel bin was the fullest.

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Littlebit said...

Beautiful kitty in the basket. As for working with flannel in the spring, I always say I'm going to work my quilts in the off season: fall quilts in the spring, spring quilts in the fall..the mitten quilt will be so cute!