Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This quilt hangs in my living room and I have shown it on my blog before, but I know that a blog post without a picture can easily be ignored. So I added this picture to get your attention. Did it work?

My blogging posts are too infrequent and I know I have lost a lot of readers, but there are some faithful friends and relatives that I know check out my blog. So for those faithful lookers, please keep looking. I promise to be more forthcoming in my blogging after this week. You see, I have been busy thoroughly cleaning my house and this week I have company all week.

After that I am definitely going to get cracking on some serious quilting, stitching, and knitting. There should be plenty of pictures and progress coming up soon.

The Star quilt pictured above was made many years ago with absolutely no plan in mind for fabric colors or placement. The fact that it came out nicely was a complete surprise to me and it continues to be a surprise as the years go by. I seem to like it more and more. That's the way I wish every quilt would end up.

Come back in a week and see what I am doing..........


MB said...

Enjoy your company ... laughter will ring out from West Wing!!!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I always enjoy reading your blog.
Deb - Australia

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Bonnie, Summer finds all us busier than usual. I enjoy your blog every time I look, even your older posts! At first I thought you were going to say you were giving it up, I'm SO GLAD you aren't. There's nothing like dropping in a friend each day to make the day better! Love having you as my friend. Moe