Monday, August 10, 2009

Round Robin from Lindsay

The Round Robin quilt from Lindsay is in my possession now. She did the red and white checkerboard border and now my challenge is to do the applique round on this quilt. What would you do?
I know exactly what I am going to do and have everything cut out ready to sew. It is going to require some precision work, so after making my decisions, cutting my fabric and laying it all out, I decided to quit for today. I need to be nice and fresh when I begin to sew. NO mistakes. Oh my, is that possible?

Today I am very grateful for air conditioning. It is hot and humid here - not my kind of weather. I would actually sacrifice buying fabric for the cost of running air conditioning. I almost - not quite - would sacrifice peanut butter for air conditioning. Let's go over that again - #1 is peanut butter, #2 is air conditioning, #3 is fabric. Those are my priorities. And because I am a woman, I reserve the right to change that list at whim.

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MB said...

Oh my ... good to ponder what I might trade for A/C! It amazes me that I grew up without it and survived! And I remember when we got our first window unit so it could be cool in the living room ... how did mom and dad do that? Did they close the windows upstairs? We would have roasted and maybe we did since we slept upstairs every night. But we were in heaven to have that unit for the living room.