Friday, July 31, 2009

Why I get nothing done - Excuse #159

Another reason why I never get anything done is because I have so many projects to choose from, it takes all my time just to make a choice.

There are quilting projects to last for the next 20 years. On this recent retreat I made two quilt tops that now need borders and finished enough blocks to make another quilt top. Add that to the umpteen unfinished projects already piled up in my Quilt Studio and it takes me an hour or more to just sort through things when deciding what I should tackle next.

If I concentrated on one craft I might be considered normal or sane. But NO, I have to stick my nose into almost every craft known to man. On my red chair (the chair where I stitch and knit) alone are piled two knitting projects and FOUR, count them, FOUR counted cross-stitch projects. Three are new as of today.
Yes, I went shopping today with my friend Brenda. We NEEDED to go to the local stitchery to pick out a project (or three) for me to take on vacation the end of August. I wanted a project (or three) that did not require using a magnifying glass. My eyesight is not the best so when I stitch at home I use a magnifying glass in order to do 28count stitching. I wanted a project (or three) that could be done on a larger canvas. Brenda brought one from her "store" and we picked out two more at the shop. Did I need THREE? No. But at least I didn't buy the other two that tempted me, nor the new Little House Needlework patterns that I had not previously seen.

On top of having too much to do, I then came home and read post after post of a blog that Brenda recommended. What a great blog! She is funny and does a great job of writing - plus she does beautiful stitching work and has a lovely home - AND a crazy cute dog.

See why I don't get things done? I'm much too busy shopping or reading blogs or organizing all my stuff or pondering what to do.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I think I'll go read a book right now.............

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MB said...

I'm so glad you're all set for vacation!!! Can't wait to see what you're bringing! I'll have my crochet with me ... haven't stitched a bit in the two weeks I've been at Lulu's!!!!

Visited the spinster blog ... that's funny!