Friday, June 19, 2009

Organizing Again

On Monday I cleaned off my cutting table so that I could start on a new quest to organize my scraps.
Onto the table I dumped two huge containers of all my scraps. Although I have periodically grabbed a handful of scraps and cut them into squares or strips, it seemed like I would never, ever reach the bottom of the scrap bags. I needed a better way to get this mess organized. I decided the best way was to sort by color and/or theme. My categories started - blue, green, gold, red, purple, pink, sewing theme, kiddy stuff, flowers, beiges, browns, patriotic, Halloween, Christmas, mutlti-color prints, etc. I separated and ironed.
Then I went to the Dollar Store and purchased these baskets.
Here are some of the sorted fabrics. During the week I probably spent about six hours sorting and ironing. It is now Friday and I still have a long way to go to complete this project.
In the meantime, Lindsay passed our Round Robin project on to me. She did the straight borders and the purple half-square triangles. It looks great! Now it is my turn and the round is supposed to be squares. I need time to think......
Today I finished this little counted cross-stitch piece which when framed will go to my Ladybug-loving cousin.
Ladybug, Ladybug, by Little House Needleworks, on 28ct Jobelan, using DMC floss.

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MB said...

Adorable cross stitch piece!!! You do such good work! Loving your organizing project ... you'll love it when it's finished!