Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cats Rule

After breakfast I went into the bedroom to make my bed and visiting cat Mr. Elliot was peacefully sleeping on the pillow, so of course the bed is now only partially made. Then I thought I would sit in my favorite chair and read for a while. Hmmmm. Visiting cat Mr. Rudi was curled up and snoring as he took his morning snooze. Cats, even visiting cats, seem to rule in this house.
No pictures of quilting projects to show as the projects I am doing are a secret. However, I will give a sneak peak at some pillow cases made from old Christmas fabric. Is this a hint? More will be revealed some time in May.

Today I am grateful for.....
1. Anticipation - my cousin is coming this week for a visit. We always have a great time together!
2. This cool weather we are having. Everyone else is looking forward to warm summer weather, but I prefer the cooler temperatures where sweaters are appropriate wearing apparel.
2. A good read.......there is nothing like a good book. Just finished reading Dewey. What a delightful book.


Gail said...

I like that Christmas fabric-and that is an ideal way to use it!

Jackie said...

I love that you made the bed up around a sleeping cat! We have dogs and it's the same way around here - they rule!

hetty said...

Wonderful Christmas fabric. It makes great pillowcases! Cats do rule everything. We just have to accept that and live with it. You are doing just fine!