Thursday, August 23, 2007

Office clean-up

The other day I spent the entire day cleaning up my office - organizing, re-arranging and purging. Now everything has a place and everything is in it's place. Is it perfect? Oh my, NO. The most glaring imperfection cannot be seen from the doorway, but when you sit in the chair and look to your right, there on the floor are all the wires and cables. What a mishmash! Attached to my computer are speakers, a keyboard, a mouse, a USB hub, a label maker, a docking station for my camera, a docking station for my PDA, a laser printer, and a color printer/fax/copier. Then there are the Cable cables - from the cable box to the computer, from the cable box to the cable connection and from the cable box to the surge protector outlet.

Do you think I will live long enough to see a completely wireless system???????

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Maureen said...

Bonnie, your office is wonderful! A comfortable and cozy place you can go to compute, read, or play the piano. I know what you mean about the wires, I have all that you have but I have 5 cameras, each with their own wire! If phones can be wireless how come the rest can't? I hope so someday!