Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Happy Day

This picture was taken in February 2002. It was a Happy Day for me. I had two huge poorly maintained evergreen trees in the front yard of the house I had purchased the previous year. It was one of the only things I did not like about the house. Those trees were close to the front window, blocked light and prevented grass from growing. My realtor had told me that it would cost about $2,000.00 to have the trees removed. I saved that amount but had not made the calls to get estimates.

Enter my cousin. She came for a visit In February 2002. I was still working at the time - as an accountant for a CPA firm and it was Tax Season. My cousin came to give me a break at home by preparing my meals and running errands for me. I asked her if she would mind making calls to get estimates on removing those ugly trees.

That day I got a frantic call from my cousin telling me that a tree removal company was in the neighborhood and would remove the trees for $400.00. WHAT? $400.00????? Well, it seems that they had no more jobs to fill their day and if they could let the trees fall on the neighbors yard, it would be an easy job. "Do they have insurance?" I asked.

Everything worked out. The trees (two big ones and one small scrawny one) were removed and the stumps were also removed. The neighbor lady was not home and never knew that the trees fell on her front yard as it was snowing and all the imprints were filled in by fresh snow. My cousin had a digital camera and took pictures during the whole process, E-mailing them to me at my office.

Since I saved almost $1,600.00, I was able to purchase a much needed new computer. That was 2002. It is now 2007 and I need new gutters, downspouts and windows - and I would love a new computer. Maybe I'll invite my cousin for a visit..............


mb said...

Oh I remember that day and that week! What fun I had being "in charge" of caring for you! I was simply astounded when the knock came at the door and the crew manager was ready to go to work! I was so thrilled to save you the agony of the bidding process, having to choose then wait for the contractor, etc. So, yes, I'm ready to take on the gutters. Let's see ... there ought to be someone in the neighborhood working on a house and they have extra time before the next job and with a little wishful thinking, hope and some prayer, your doorbell rings ..... Love yoU!

Sara said...

Are we getting the itch watching my house go through it's transformation? I know the feeling. I have been watching other houses get renovated for years waiting for my chance. Hopefully you and MB will have the same luck as you did last time.

Maureen said...

Bonnie! Love your story! And what great luck! I now have an ugly evergreen in front of my house that I want my hubby to cut down however he LIKES the tree so won't do it....any ideas on how I can pursuade him? :-)